How many rooms do you have?

We currently have four units for rent. Suboya, Pyramid and Lotus are our bamboo homes for up to 4 people, and Nirvana is our Balinese villa for 2 people.

Are there any restaurants in nearby?

There are no restaurants in walking distance but we have a local restaurant on the property that serves home-made Balinese dishes. We can serve you in your room or you can eat at the restaurant as well. 

Are you located in Ubud?

No we are not in Ubud. Camaya Bali is a 90 minute drive from Ubud. We are located in Selat, Karangasem Regency, about 20 minutes from Sidemen.

What else should I know about Camaya Bali?

We are located off the grid in a very biologically diverse area of Bali. if you get scared easily with insects or bugs, this is not the right place for you and we recommend you find somewhere else to stay

What is included with my stay?

All our rates include accommodation and breakfast. Activities and transport need to be booked separately.

Do you have air condition?

We purposefully do not have air condition as the houses have been designed very openly to allow for natural air flow throughout the properties. Selat is also located higher than many other parts of Bali and at night the temperature typically drops to a comfortable 20-22 degree celsius, so that air conditions in this area are not needed. All our units have fans to provide additional air circulation when needed.

What can I do during my stay?

There are a variety of activities that we can help you arrange during your stay. Please take a look at the Activities in our menu here on the website to find out more.

Can I pay with credit card?

We do not accept credit cards at the property. Any additional expenses for food, transport and activities will need to be paid in cash. Please note that there is no ATM machine nearby and we highly recommend to bring sufficient cash with you on your arrival.

What are the checkin and checkout times?

Checkin is at 3pm and checkout is by 12pm. We are typically fully booked and thus unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate early check-ins, as we want to make sure we got sufficient time to clean everything before you arrive 🙂

Are there many bugs?

The house is designed very openly and bugs and insects are a common sight as we are in the middle of nature. There are actually fewer mosquitoes in our area compared to many other parts of nature due to the climate and because all the water in our valley is coming fresh from the springs, which mosquitoes do not prefer as breeding grounds. That being said, you will encounter insects during your stay and we do provide mosquito nets with all beds. Generally said, if you get scared easily with insects or bugs, this is not the right place for you and we would definitely recommend you find somewhere else to stay where you are less exposed to nature.